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Perl: Testing with Komodo IDE

When you write a Perl application with Mojolicious framework, you put tests into the t directory. Then it is very easy to run them because Mojolicious supports tests “out of the box” with test command that should run all tests one by one:

$ ./ test
[Fri Sep  9 13:21:06 2016] [debug] Some message
Running tests from "/path/to/t".
/path/to/t/1868-prev-next.t .. ok     
/path/to/t/1869-design.t ..... ok     
All tests successful.
Files=8, Tests=171,  5 wallclock secs ( 0.08 usr  0.01 sys +  3.76 cusr  0.28 csys =  4.13 CPU)
Result: PASS

Also, for that you could create a Makefile:
APP=perl $(SCRIPT)

test: $(SCRIPT)
        $(APP) test

And all works just fine: tests spawned with a familiar make test command.

I installed a trial copy of the latest ActiveState’s Komodo IDE and took it for a spin. That included testing as well. I found that Komodo tries to find a Makefile and runs the tests. Unfortunately, Komodo was not able to display the test results as it just spew an error messages ****¬†Unrecognized input

Testing with Komodo IDE failed to understand output

There is another way to execute tests: the prove command. It produced a similar output:

$ prove -l
t/1868-prev-next.t .. ok     
t/1869-design.t ..... ok     
All tests successful.
Files=8, Tests=171,  5 wallclock secs ( 0.07 usr  0.00 sys +  3.86 cusr  0.23 csys =  4.16 CPU)
Result: PASS

But there were some differences: debug messages were hidden and paths to files were relative instead of absolutes. It was enough for a clean outcome:

Successful testing with Komodo IDE

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