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Evo Misbehaving After Upgrade to Jessie

If your Evolution mail client—after upgrading to Debian Jessie (i. e. up to v. 3.12.9)—“loses” some messages received through IMAP, check its local Junk directory for a remote IMAP server, even if you cannot remember configuring local spam filtering. Mind that for whatever reason Evo does not indicate the number of messages in this directory.

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Going live

Welcome to our blog! At first it was assumed that we needed to define a special concept to start a techy blog. That was until we found that there is no need for special concept or vision, or a format. Form, style and content would be created on the fly minding to keep it simple. We will just post here snippets of work findings as we go about our daily projects. Please post your comments when you feel like you have something to share.

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