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Nubis Novem

Consulting On Cloud Nine

About Us

Nubis Novem has been working with cloud technologies and AWS since 2011. We possess hands-on experience in solving and managing cloud specific tasks and challenges. Our engineers and consultants assist clients with virtual hosting, networking, data gathering, middle-ware and other sophisticated automation projects. For both traditional and virtual infrastructure we spec and design software architecture, hardware requirements, network schematic, monitoring, backup and maintenance, disaster recovery, cyber security, financials and project management.

Our company helps you to assess and reflect on your existing IT solutions. We will suggest cost-optimized ways to utilize virtual environments, remedy pain points and introduce you to automated use of cloud-hosted resources by demonstrating real advantages of pay-as-you-go model. Our expertise and offerings include back office automation, Extract-Transform-Load with or without database engines, handling free text formats and XML parsing, hosted and on-premises VOIP services and computer based phone systems as well as every day IT support and consulting.

Please contact us and tell about your challenges and projects, then find out what we can do for you!