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Responsive UI

Recently I spent some time on learning and practicing responsive UI design. That basically means “making web site mobile friendly”.

First I started with Twitter bootstrap. The problem with Twitter bootstrap is that it brings ~100 KB CSS file (and lots of other junk if you are not careful).
Which means that when user’s smartphone opens my Twitter-bootstrap backed web page, it needs to download extra 100 KB. Which makes page load slower. Not surprisingly, Twitter does not use their own Twitter Bootstrap CSS.

Metro UI seems like a bit better alternative (smaller CSS file size at ~10 KB). Still, it is extra file to load.

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Seamless user account registration

Every online business that deals with user needs to solve user registration problem. is not an exception.

How to preserve user data and make it available to the user later?

How to create new account and did not distract user from her task in hand?

How to deal with account recovery in case when user forgot her password?

User account management is tricky.

Here is what we come up with in our latest iteration of user account management on

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