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Debian Jessie from Discovery to Mastery

Debian Jessie from Discovery to MasteryA new edition of The Debian Administrator’s Handbook by Raphaël Hertzog, Roland Mas—the third one counting only English editions, and the seventh if the first four French-only are included—has been issued by Freexian.

Shortly after the first English edition, communal experience with the book has justified the the in its title, the book becoming both the most widely read introduction into Debian and the most used single handbook, leaving out the documentation itself, of course.

The new edition covers traditional topics of the goals and structure of Debian project (Chapter 1); installation, migration, and upgrade (Ch. 3—4); operating the packaging system (Ch. 5); configuration of network and networking services, users/groups, printers and directory shares, boot-loading process, graphics subsystem (Ch. 6—13). Separate chapters are dedicated to security (Ch. 14) and creation of one’s own packages (Ch. 15). As with the previous editions, the study case is the IT infrastructure of a growing small enterprise.

The edition content is aligned with Debian 8 ‘Jessie’ (issued on April 25, 2015) particular attention being paid to systemd, a controversial initialization and management tool used in Debian 8 as default for the first time (Ch. 9).

The book as available for reading and download and for purchase as a paperback at its site,

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