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I have been reading on all kinds of Microsoft technologies, including PowerShell. Which is a pretty cool tool. I have tried it before and it did not work well for me then because I did not understand its purpose. It is not a normal OS shell. Instead, it is the shell for the .NET virtual machine. Exactly the thing that Java is missing, and the gap that it tries to plug with the crap like Ant and Maven, unsuccessfully. PowerShell lets you run all the .NET methods interactively from the command line, and build the pipelines of them. It has some very cool syntax that lets you automatically apply the pipeline input in the same way as the command-line input. It also has the remote execution functionality, so it serves as an analog of the rsh/ssh (more advanced in some ways, less advanced in the others) in the Microsoft ecosystem.

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Reference counting in C++

I have tried recently to use the C++ 11 version of the reference counting, the class std::shared_ptr. And I must say, it is crap. Utter and complete crap.

Their problem is that they are trying to do reference counting to any structures at all, without storing the reference counter in the structure itself. The consequence is that you absolutely can not mix the shared_ptr and pointers. Once you store a pointer in a shared_ptr , you have to refer to it by shared_ptr, and assign the shared_ptr values to each other. If you take a pointer and store it in another shared_ptr, you end up with two reference counters to the same structure, and end up with the memory corruption. And it is way too easy to make this mistake. It is really not usable.

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Friendly interface considered harmful

“Friendly interface” has become a term universally accepted. Nobody seems to ponder on the message of those words. But pondering over the phrase gives you the shivers: the programs though creatures of our mind seem close to conquering the world while definitely breaking loose of our control.

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Seamless user account registration

Every online business that deals with user needs to solve user registration problem. is not an exception.

How to preserve user data and make it available to the user later?

How to create new account and did not distract user from her task in hand?

How to deal with account recovery in case when user forgot her password?

User account management is tricky.

Here is what we come up with in our latest iteration of user account management on

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ProgFun is back

In about a month, on April 25, 2014, the next iteration of Functional Programming Principles read by Prof. Martin Odersky starts on Coursera. Regular college or university students contemplating participation should by all means follow their mentors’ advice. Mine is for those among seasoned and mature programmers, both professionals and amateurs, who have missed the opportunity to master functional thinking in their good time but are sharp enough to see their peers—who have had the chance—running circles around them intellectually.

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Going live

Welcome to our blog! At first it was assumed that we needed to define a special concept to start a techy blog. That was until we found that there is no need for special concept or vision, or a format. Form, style and content would be created on the fly minding to keep it simple. We will just post here snippets of work findings as we go about our daily projects. Please post your comments when you feel like you have something to share.

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